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Dear Devonport Cricket Club Community;

I hope this message finds you all in anticipation of another amazing cricket season ahead. As we gear up for the 2023-2024 season, it brings me immense joy to introduce the exceptional individuals who will be leading our Devonport Cricket Club as part of the Board. Get ready for a new season filled with passion, growth, and a renewed focus on the Devonport Orions culture and what we learned from Mark Radford and the Jack Jumpers on being humble and hungry.

Meet the DCC Board for Season 23/24

• President: Stephen Casey

• Senior Vice President: Stephen Lee

• Vice President: Michael Maney

• Treasurer: John Sales

• Secretary: Alex Hardy

• Board Members: Dion O'Mahony, Tracy Doherty, Lenny Lawler, Brock Bucknell, Matt Jones.

Other key off field appoints include Lucas French who joins the Orions as the Junior Development Officer. There will be some exciting news on the Female Cricket Program to follow.

All in all this is a diverse and dedicated group committed to elevating our club to new heights, focusing not only on our senior cricket teams but also on nurturing the future of cricket in Devonport through our revamped Junior Program.

At Devonport Cricket Club, we recognize the importance of fostering talent from a young age. Our junior program is more than just training sessions; it's a journey that instils values of sportsmanship, discipline, and camaraderie. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, we are committed to nurturing a new generation of cricket enthusiasts who will carry the club's legacy forward.

A club's success isn't just measured by wins and losses on the field, but by the strength of its culture. This season, we're putting a spotlight on building a club culture that fosters inclusivity, respect, and a true sense of belonging. From collaborative ‘one-team’ and activities to community participation initiatives, we're determined to make the Devonport Cricket Club a place where every member feels valued and inspired.

We can’t wait to keep working with the Devonport City Council on the Oval Redevelopment which is a once in a generation opportunity to develop sports facilities at the Oval that sets the foundation for community sport clubs to represent our City on every stage, benefiting from multi sport collaboration and community spirit.

Let's come together as one united Devonport Orions family, embracing our rich cricketing heritage and nurturing the future of young cricketers. Together, we'll make Season 2023/24 a great stepping stone in the history of Devonport Cricket Club!

Best regards,

Stephen Casey

President - Devonport Cricket Club


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