Former star import returns to Devonport
Date of Event Devonport Orions Cricket Club: Mon Feb 24, 2020 9:15PM
Former import George Codrington at the Devonport Oval on Saturday

One of the finest imports to play at the Devonport Cricket Club was back in town last week to catch up with old teammates and pay a visit to the ground he called home for two seasons.

George Codrington first arrived at the club from the West Indies for the 1986-1987 season where he hit 515 runs at an average of 39.61. He missed the next season but returned for the 1988-1989 season where he plundered an impressive 733 runs at a healthy average of 45.81, taking out the club batting averages in the process, along with the bowling averages for his 16 wickets at 13.81. Unsurprisingly, Codrington also took out the JJ Andrew Trophy for Club Champion that season as well.

Codrington, who is now 53, caught up with the Orions' Brad Cole for an interview before the first day of play against Burnie on Saturday.


What are your memories of your two seasons at Devonport?

I have very fond memories of my time here at Devonport and it has been great to catch up with my old teammates like Bandaid (Michael Enright), Delly (Chris Dell), Gypsy (Stephen Lee) and The Master (Michael Kelly).

It was a very high standard of cricket back in those days and we played against the likes of Jamie Cox, Dene Hills and Danny Buckingham. Often you would be in the field wondering how you were ever going to get those guys out. Then there were bowlers like Phil Blizzard.


You still hold two club record partnerships in 1st Grade with Stephen Lee. What can you remember about those innings?

I don't remember too much except the records partnership with Gyps against Latrobe came in a semi-final and we were in a bit of trouble at 3-18, so it was a good effort.


Codrington enjoying a drop of the local brew during his playing days at Devonport.


Has the Devonport Oval changed much since your playing days?

The grandstands haven't changed too much but I'm disappointed that the boundary line has come in the distance it has. Back in my day the bike track was the boundary.

I said to Trout (David Mullett) "imagine how many more runs we could have scored if we had the boundaries like the players do these days." Also the bats they use these days are so different to what we had in the 1980's, they are huge these days. We had these bats that were wafer thin in comparison.


Tell us a little bit about playing for Canada and representing the country at the World Cup in 2006?

When I moved to Canada I didn't intend to play that much cricket, but then I started playing and things snowballed from there. It was a good experience.


What do you do with yourself these days?

I work with Toronto Police in a civilian role and just enjoy life and looking after my house.

It had been over 30 years since I was last here, so I thought it about time I came back before it gets too late in my life.


Codrington with former teammates Rowan Sherriff, David Mullett, Michael Kelly, Stephen Lee, Chris Dell and Michael Enright.



2 seasons, 26 games, 29 innings, 1248 runs @ 43.03

25 wickets @ 14.96

13 catches

Player number 177

Club Champion 1988-1989

Club batting average 1988-1989 733 runs @ 45.81

Club bowling average 1988-1989 16 wickets @ 13.81

1st wicket record partnership with Stephen Lee 234 v Wynyard 88-89

4th wicket record partnership with Stephen Lee 239 v Latrobe 86-87


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Author: Bradley Cole